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Toggle recognizers at runtime

A gesture can be enabled/disabled based on its enable property which must setup through the set call or its constructor parameter.

hammer.get('tap').set({ enable: false });

//Then you could enable it again when necessary

hammer.get('tap').set({ enable: true });

Instead of toggling the enable property each time on your app, you could delegate this responsibility to a custom function which will be checked with each new incoming touch event to decide if the event can be dispatched to the recognizer or not. This feature provides support to build complex gesture scenarios based on App/UI logic.

var view = View.extend({
	state: 'ACTIVE',
	score: 0,
	canRecognizeTap: function(recognizer, event) {
		return this.state !== 'INACTIVE' && this.score > 0;

var mc = new Hammer.Manager(viewElement, {});
var canEnable = function(rec, input) {
	return view.canRecognizeTap(rec, input);
mc.add(new Hammer.Tap({enable: canEnable}));

The Manager.enable option also works this way.

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