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Recognized when the pointer is doing a small tap/click. Multiple taps are recognized if they occur between the given interval and position. The eventData from the emitted event contains the property tapCount, which contains the amount of multi-taps being recognized.

If an Tap recognizer has a failing requirement, it waits the interval time before emitting the event. This is because if you want to only trigger a doubletap, hammer needs to see if any other taps are coming in. Read more about requireFailure

Option Default Description
event tap Name of the event.
pointers 1 Required pointers.
taps 1 Amount of taps required.
interval 300 Maximum time in ms between multiple taps.
time 250 Maximum press time in ms.
threshold 2 While doing a tap some small movement is allowed.
posThreshold 10 The maximum position difference between multiple taps.


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